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Kelsey K. Graham, PhD


Professional Experience

Michigan State University, Dept. of Entomology, Research Associate                                                     2017-current

  • Extensive experience with sampling the bee community in diverse habitats.

  • Expertise in species level identification of pollinator communities. 

  • Expert in measuring bumble bee colony fitness.

  • Training and management of research technicians/assistants. 

Tufts University, Dept. of Biology, Graduate Student.                                                                                   2011-2017

  • Expert on an invasive solitary bee (Anthidium manicatum) and native bumble bees (foraging behavior, colony fitness, colony demographics).

  • Extensive experience with pollinator floral resources (pollinator plantings, plant fitness) and habitat evaluation.

  • Extensive experience with field sampling, landscape scale project design, and conservation planning.

  • Trained and managed teams of undergraduate researchers each field season.

  • Twelve semesters of college teaching experience.

  • Invited guest lecturer in upper level courses at Tufts University and UNH.

  • Twelve presentations at national and international scientific conferences.

  • Extensive community outreach, and successful crowdfunding campaign.

  • Chosen as one of five graduate students nationwide to receive a fellowship to effectively report on findings presented at the 2016 Ecological Society of America conference to broad audiences.

  • Proficient in use of landscape-level analysis (ESRI ArcGIS, and GeoDa), statistical analysis (R, and Prism), website design and maintenance (WordPress, and Wix), video editing (Final Cut Pro, and iMovie), and all common software applications.


Desert Research Foundation of Namibia, Intern.                                                                                            Jan-May 2008

  • Researched the impact of invasive plant species in Namibia, and worked directly with landowners, NGOs, and scientists to develop a land management report and guidelines to be disseminated to agricultural landowners.

  • Organized a conference bringing together researchers, agricultural landowners, and other stakeholders to present land management recommendations.


General Audience Publications & Outlets

Graham, Kelsey K. “Beyond honey bees: Wild bees are also key pollinators, and some species are disappearing.” The                  Conversation. May 22, 2018.

Graham, Kelsey K. “How are pollinators faring with Anthropogenic change?” PLOS Blogs. August 29, 2016.

Graham, Kelsey K. “Invasion Ecology at ESA 2016.” PLOS Blogs. August 29, 2016.

Graham, Kelsey K. “With disappearing sea ice, polar bears spend more time on land.” PLOS Blogs. August 10, 2016.

Graham, Kelsey K. “Bee battles: why our native pollinators are losing the war.” The Conversation. May 6, 2015.

Graham, Kelsey K. “Bee battles: are our native bees losing the fight for resources?” DOI:                                       10.18258/5029.


Peer-Reviewed Publications & Manuscripts

Graham KK. (2018) Heterospecific Hymenoptera found inside the nests of Bombus impatiens (Hymenoptera: Apidae). The Great Lakes Entomologist, 51(1&2).

Graham KK, and Maclean MG. (2018) Presence-only modeling is ill-suited for a recent generalist invader, Anthidium manicatum. Ecological Indicators, 89:56-62.

Graham KK, Brown S, Clarke SF, Röse U, Starks PT. (2017) The European wool-carder bee (Anthidium manicatum) eavesdrops on plant volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during trichome collection. Behavioural Processess, 144:5-12.

Brown R, Payne A, Graham KK, Starks PT. (2012) Prey capture and caste-specific payload capacities in the European paper wasp Polistes dominulus. Insectes Sociaux, 59:519-525.

Kim HS, Sherman DK, Sasaki JY, Xu J, Chu TQ, Ryu C, Suh EM, Graham KK, and Taylor SE. (2010). Culture, distress, and oxytocin receptor polymorphism (OXTR) interact to influence emotional support seeking. PNAS, 107(36):15717-15721.

Graham KK, Eaton K, Obrien I, Starks PT. (in review) Anthidium manicatum, an invasive bee, excludes a native bumble bee, Bombus impatiens, from resources.


Extension Presentations

  • Great Lakes Pollinator Health Project, Traverse City, MI; Northwest regional stakeholder meeting. (2018), Meeting organizer and presenter.

  • Great Lakes Pollinator Health Project, Frankenmuth, MI; East-central regional stakeholder meeting. (2018), Meeting organizer and presenter.

  • Great Lakes Pollinator Health Project, West Olive, MI; West-central regional stakeholder meeting. (2018), Meeting organizer and presenter.

  • Great Lakes Expo, Grand Rapids, MI; premiere show for fruit and vegetable growers, greenhouse growers and farm marketers. (2017), Presenter.

Professional Service & Outreach

  • Agriculture Day, Johnson's Giant Pumpkins (Saginaw, MI); invited booth on wild bees (2018), Booth organizer and volunteer. 

  • Science Nights, Fairview Elementary School, Bennett Woods Elementary School, & Glencairn Elementary School (2017 & 2018), Volunteer. 

  • Native Pollinator Workshop, W.K. Kellogg Bird Sanctuary (2017), Pollinator Expert. 

  • Tour de Hives, community member bike ride to bee related sites (2016), Host site.

  • Boston Area Beekeeper Association, four research outreach events (2014-2016), Co-host.

  • Pollinator Health Project, Sanborn Regional High School (June 2015), Pollinator Expert.

  • Bee BioBlitz, University of New Hampshire (June 2015), Participant.

  • Worcester County Spring Beekeeper's Conference (2014), Attendee.

  • Conservation Behavior Workshop, Animal Behavior Conference (2013), Committee member and organizer.

  • It’s a Bug’s World, community outreach event at the Entomological Society of America conference (March 2013), Volunteer.

  • Biology Union of Graduate Students, Tufts University (2011-current), Executive committee (2012-2013).

  • Graduate Student Council, Tufts University (2012-2013), Voting Member.

  • Science Club for Girls (January 2012-May 2012), Mentor Scientist (Volunteer).


Awards, Honors, & Grants

  • Awarded eight research grants

  • Recipient of three research presentation awards at academic conferences.

  • Recipient of the PLOS Ecology Reporting Fellowship in 2016.



  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute, B.S., Biology & Biotechnology, May 2009

  • Tufts University, Ph.D, Biology, April 2017

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