Field season 2016 has begun!

A new field season has started! This summer we will have 14 bumble bee hives (B. impatiens) with 14 pop up tent enclosures. We'll be doing behavioral observations, and monitoring growth of the bumble bee hives in response to wool-carder bee presence (Anthidium manicatum - invasive bee from Europe).

14 screened bee enclosures

I have three wonderful undergraduates working with me this summer! Katie is an NSF-REU student from Fitchburg State University.

Katie Eaton, an NSF-REU student from Fitchburg State University

I also have two undergraduates from Tufts University helping out - Luke and Luca.

Luca Guadagno (left) and Luke O'Connor (right), undergrads at Tufts University

All three have been working tirelessly over the past couple weeks to get the enclosures set up before the bees arrived. Digging holes, planting plants, wrestling screened tents in high winds, etc. They are awesome!

Beautiful enclosures, all set up!