Reporting for PLOS blogs at #ESA2016

I was selected to be a reporting fellow for PLOS at the Ecological Society of America conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL earlier this month. The whole thing was an amazing experience. The conference was full of groundbreaking research from some of the top scientists in the field of ecology. And the experience was only enhanced for me as a reporting fellow. I got to live tweet and blog about topics and research being discussed at the conference, as well as take part in my first ever Reddit AMA (see picture below). The whole conference went by in a whirlwind of awesome scientific discovery. It was also a great way to close out conference season 2016. 'Til next year!

Me and fellow PLOS reporting fellows answering questions on a reddit AMA

You can find my blogs in the PLOS Ecology Community blog collection, but I wanted to include them here as well:

"With disappearing sea ice, polar bears spend more time on land" - I discuss climate change and how a recent study looks at it's impact on polar bear movement.

"Invasion Ecology at ESA2016" - I discuss invasion ecology research presented at ESA with a focus on the final symposium highlighting the future of the field of invasion ecology.

"How are pollinators faring with Anthropogenic change?" - I discuss current research presented at ESA on pollinator well-being in the Anthropocene.

Hope you enjoy!